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“A child had thirteen fingers on each hand and his aunts immediately put him to playing the harp, something that made good use of the extras and he completed the course in half the time needed by poor pentadigitates.

“After that the child came to play in such a way that there was no score worthy of him. When he began to give concerts, the amount of music that he concentrated in that time and space with his twenty-six fingers was so extraordinary that the audience couldn’t keep up and was always behind, so that when the young artisto was coming to the end of The Fountain of Arethusa (a transcription) the poor people were still in the Tambourin Chinois (an arrangement). This naturally created horrible confusions, but everyone recognized that the child played like an angel.”

Julio Cortázar, from “Feuilletons”

Art: Cover of Cortázar’s End of the Game.


Happy Women’s Equality Day from all the ladies, gents, puppies, and pizzas at Totino’s!

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"Hi I’m Joseph Stalin and I nominate Leon Trotsky for the CCCP ice pick challenge!"


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this is the happiest thing i’ve ever seen

Relevant to your interests, @smittosmith.


Do you think they would let me in to watch? Or is it like not having a kid at the Children’s Museum?